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Welcome! Whether it’s your first time to the area, or you’re a returning guest, our travel experts will help you navigate the town and surrounding area. You’ll find gems in each and every article—everything from the best places to eat to the most exciting day trips. We look forward to having you explore this Thai paradise!

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On Top of the World at Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

Travel Talk | June 2018

Now I know how Tarzan felt.

There’s something deeply cathartic about waking up among the treetops, listening to the birds’ morning chorus, soaking up the serenity and feeling like you’re the king of the jungle.

Of course, Ao Nang in the Thai province of Krabi isn’t exactly  Africa, but you get the general idea. Continue reading…

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Hotel Tips: Why Stay at Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

Stefan Diener | 2018

On my last Krabi trip, I stayed three nights at the Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort. In my review you will find the most important information about the hotel, the location, the rooms and breakfast. In addition, there are many pictures of the infinity pool, which offers a truly unique view.

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Villas with a View in Krabi

Luxury Travel Diary | February 2018

When you stay somewhere stunning like Krabi in south-west Thailand, the one thing you really need to elevate your luxury travels to something special is a villa with a view. And what a view! Majestic, craggy, sheer limestone cliffs, the pristine, turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, lush, dense mangrove forests and over a hundred islands to spot. Read on for our pick of the best villas with a view in Krabi, Thailand…

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Traditional Eats to “Thai” While in the Land of Smiles

CheapOair | March 2018

Thailand is often referred to as the Land of Smiles due to the hospitality of its local residents, stunning scenery, and affordable travel costs. But there’s another reason the LoS might make you grin: the incredible food. Find out which dishes are a “must-try” while here!

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The Best Sunset in Krabi

Trot World | February 2018

What a view! The sun is setting across the horizon over the Andaman Sea, giving a golden glow to the sky. Half green, and now half golden limestone cliffs adorn the landscape in front of us. It is truly a sight to behold. Everyone around us has stopped whatever they are doing and are completely awestruck by what is transpiring in front of them. After a long tiring day of touring different islands around Aonang in Krabi, this was exactly what we needed.

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A Guide to Traveling Solo as a Woman

Tasmiah Rashid | cheapOair

Traveling solo can be the ultimate way to fully indulge yourself. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in new surroundings, cultures, and activities without the preferences of a traveling companion getting in the way. Traveling alone allows you to give in to your impulse decisions, change plans last minute, and basically do what you want, when you want.

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Far From the Maddening Crowds

Travel Talk | January 2018

When you are a card carrying fan of a destination, it’s exciting when you get the chance to explore a part of that country that you’ve never seen before. It’s even more rewarding when that part of the country turns out to be an absolute gem.

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A Travel Guide to Aonang, Thailand

Something of Freedom | December 2017

If you’re looking to treat yourself, look no further than the amazing Aonang Cliff Beach Resort. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing few days, with luxurious rooms and a spa on site if you fancy being pampered. Without a doubt though, it’s the infinity pool that makes this resort so special.

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Wildthing's Aonang Cliff Beach Experience

Wildthing | 2017

When we arrived in Krabi we stayed at the AONANG CLIFF BEACH RESORT, a fantastic resort situated on the Cliffside in Aonang. When we first arrived at Aonang cliff beach we were whisked away in an electric buggy to the back of the resort to an open-air reception where we were checked in by friendly, welcoming staff.

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Where to Stay in Aonang

Saccharine Soul | November 2017

The part of the trip I’ve been most looking forward to was the week we would spend at the seaside, starting with a few days in Ao Nang, popular beach destination not too far from Krabi. We landed at the Krabi airport quite late in the evening and were picked up by the driver from the Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort. We were greeted with refreshing cold towels and water, much welcome after the flight and we definitely needed to rehydrate!

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Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

Monique Trips | September 2017

Read about Monique’s trip to Aonang Cliff Beach.

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Visiting Krabi's Beaches on a (Slightly) Bigger Budget

Trading Travelers | August 2017

Just two years ago, I wrote a travel guide for Krabi on ways to save money and travel on a budget. At the time, we were bootstrapping a new business and trying to save every dollar we made, unsure of how long this “digital nomad” lifestyle would actually last.

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Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Review Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Review

by Our 3 Kids v. The World | May 2017

When travelling I always like to go to at least one place I haven’t been before. For the Thailand leg of the trip it was Aonang, located about 45 mins drive from Krabi Airport. Krabi is the gateway to Thailand’s southern islands that aren’t accessible by air.  Aonang is a great place to explore Railay Beach and Koh Phi Phi. You can also get a boat transfer from Aonang to Phuket if you wanted to visit both.

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by Together to Wherever | March 2017

We’ve got the scoop on one of the best places to stay when visiting Ao Nang in Krabi, Thailand. Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort is our top recommendation because they offer some incredible accommodations. 

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Two Nights at Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

by Anders | March 2017

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort is built on the hillside in the heart of Ao Nang and boasts an infinity pool with stunning ocean view.

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Aonang Travel Diary

by The Midnight Blue Elephant | January 2017

Ao Nang is a typical little beach town that has seen a bit too much touristic development in recent years. Not that I can blame them, but charming it ain’t and you are better off getting away from the main road and onto the beach. Continue reading…

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Thailand's best luxe for less destination

by Little Grey Box | October 2016

Our first visit to Ao Nang was a pretty special one. We’d been travelling for a little while and desperately needed a break from moving around so often. It was really important for us to find somewhere easy and affordable to visit, but still have the destination offer the relaxation and fun we needed.

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Escaping the Tourists at Andamana Beach Club

by Curious Explorers | October 2016

While I was staying in Ao Nang, Krabi I was working with Alisea Boutique Hotel and Aonang Cliff Beach Resort.

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by Journey Era | October 2016

I spent 8 days in Ao Nang and had an absolute blast. This is a location that is perfect for adventurers and lovers of warm weather, particularly those who enjoy the ocean and exploring paradise…sounds like most people! As always I only recommend or list activities that I personally experienced so here is a list of what I got up to, in just over a week in Ao Nang, Thailand.

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2 Must-Stay Hotels in Krabi: Crown Lanta Resort and Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

by LookEast Magazine | July 2016

Krabi is home to many famous beaches and islands. We recently made an escape to one of Krabi’s less touristic island, Koh Lanta, before returning to the wilder side at Aonang Beach.

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Where to Stay in Krabi, Thailand for Any Budget

by Nina Ragusa, Jan 2017

I love love LOVE Krabi. I lived in Krabi for over year and had visited numerous times before. I’ve traveled the area quite a bit which means I know where to stay in Krabi, Thailand.

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Travel Moments | January 2017

What makes a resort the best place you’ve ever stayed? Is it the view, the location or maybe the facilities? These questions were on my mind when we were on the way to Ao Nang, Krabi. Ao Nang is an oddity amongst the many islands in Krabi.

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Katrina Luder | January 2017

On my way home for Christmas after completing my recent working holiday visa in Australia, my partner Duffel Travel and I thought it would be a good idea to soak up the sun in our beloved Thailand and escape on a couples adventure to the Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort….

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The Salty Renegade | January 2017

Upon check-in, cool towels and fresh juice were delivered, already setting the mood for our stay at Aonang Cliff Beach Resort. Service was top notch, and everyone was extremely helpful…

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The best tour in Thailand departs from Aonang!

Pericles Rosa | January 2017

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world, and received nearly 30M visitors in 2015, according to UNWTO (United Nation World Tourism Organization). Brazil, a much larger country, received only 6.3M in the same year…..

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KRABI: Bikinifox X Aonang Cliff Beach Hotel

By Claire, October 2016

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort is located within one of the most popular towns of Krabi and consists of both breath-taking views and excellent services.

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Best Places to Stay in Krabi | Hotels + Hostels

by Adventure In You | July 2016

We recently spent four glorious days in Krabi and everything was absolutely perfect. As we were sat on a long tail boat headed out to the open ocean, suddenly I understood why this beach destination is frequented by many.

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Get Inspired & Luxuriate From The Side Of A Mountain

by BlissyLife | June 2016

So we found an absolute gem, high atop a cliffside. The views of the ocean and sprawling town below this resort are absolutely breathtaking.

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Hotel Review – Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort

by NOMADasaurus | June 2016

Luxurious, gorgeous and centrally located – this review of the Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort looks at whether it is really one of the best hotels in Krabi.

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6 Unmissable Travel Experiences in South Thailand

by Journey Wonders | June 2016

South Thailand, the land of smiles. The mecca of every single person that visits South East Asia.

A place where nature meets culture. A place where amazing food is cooked and sold in every single corner. A place where you can feel what it truly means to travel instead of just visiting.

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Hotel Review: Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

by Claire | May 2016

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort is a stunning four star resort overlooking the iconic limestone cliffs in the Andaman Sea. My visit here was brief, but very enjoyable!

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Aonang Cliff Beach Resort, Krabi

by A Lovely Style | May 2016

After Koh Samui, my second stop of my super trip to Thailand was Krabi. I decided to stay in an area very close to Aonang Beach, so the location of Aonang Cliff Beach Resort was perfect!

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9 things to discover in Krabi town and Ao Nang

by | April 2016

Krabi is a dream destination for many travelers and loved ones at home. The province attracts with beautiful beaches, which are bordered by striking karst rock. In this article you will get an overview of what you can discover in Krabi.

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Thailand Travel Blog #6: Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

by Tene Sommer, April 2016

We were looking for a Krabi hotel that would be relaxing, but not too far from the restaurants and water taxis in Aonang. And then we found the perfect one – Aonang Cliff Beach Resort.

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Best Hotels for your Thailand Honeymoon » A Romantic Guide

By Love and Road, April 2016

Let´s celebrate Love! If you choose Thailand as your honeymoon destination, you did the right choice. Thailand is beautiful, with a rich culture, stunning landscape, paradise islands, packed with options for dining and shopping. We are here to help you choose the best places and the best hotels for your Thailand honeymoon.

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Where to stay in Ao Nang?

By Traveler's Little Treasures, April 2016

Ao Nang is a friendly, small tourist town in the province of Krabi. Definitely plan to visit and stay a couple of days. It is surrounded by breathtaking nature, there are high limestone hills with little bays in-between that you should go and discover.

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Hotel review Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

by Travel Tom Tom | April 2016

After two lovely nights in the Alisea Boutique Hotel I switched hotels and checked in at the Aonang Cliff Beach Resort on the other side of the town. The hotel arranged a pick-up and at 10.30am sharp there was an air-conditioned mini van waiting outside the hotel to escort me to my new hotel.

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The Most Beautiful Hotels in Ao Nang, Krabi

by Journalist on the Run, March 2016

As always my misconceptions were quickly brushed to the side once I stepped inside the beautiful Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort. I think what impressed me the most was that this hotel, despite being located on the main strip in Ao Nang, has created a peaceful oasis where you feel like you are a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the street.

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Welcome To Thailand's Best Infinity Pool

by FIT Travels | March 2016

In December 2015 I’d heard whispers of the renovations taking place at the Aonang Cliff Beach Resort. Thailand’s best infinity pool was coming! “Swim up to the edge and you’ll be at eye level with the ocean” I was told. When I was invited to visit in March this year I couldn’t refuse. I had to sea (gettit) for myself.

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Hotel Review: Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa

The Travelling Weasels | March 2016

If you’re looking for somewhere relaxing and luxurious to stay in Krabi, look no further than Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa.

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10 Reasons to Stay at AoNang Cliff Beach Resort

by The Island Drum, February 2016

Krabi province is no stranger to the revolving door of year round visitors, and they arrive in mass by land, sea and air. But for first time visitors (like me), the Krabi expanse may not be as simple to negotiate for some as for others.

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Aonang Cliff Beach Resort – Localização & Conforto na praia de Aonang Na Tailândia - Uma Piscina de Borda Infinita - Um Mergulho na Natureza!

by Papo de TuristaPapo de Turista, Dec 2016


No meu roteiro pelo sudeste asiático; depois de ter passado por Singapura e pela Malásia, fui passar uns dias na Tailândia.

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