LegalZoom reviews: Pros&Cons

Do you have a legal question and need a lawyer? The LegalZoom website can help you find the answer to your question. With LegalZoom, you’ll get personalized answers to your legal questions, knowledgeable attorneys to help guide you through the process, price quotes tailored to your individual needs, and more.

About LegalZoom is a resource for self-help legal services for U.S.-based businesses and individuals. LegalZoom’s legal solutions and information are available online at the LegalZoom website or through its mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

LegalZoom has been providing self-help legal solutions since 2001, originally under the business name of “Do-It-Yourself Law Center,” which later changed to “LegalZoom” in 2003. They have become a publicly traded company and are headquartered in Santa Ana, California. Currently, LegalZoom has served customers in all 50 states.

LegalZoom’s Law Library

LegalZoom’s law library includes information on legal topics and self-help guides that they provide to customers at no additional cost. It also has links to third-party legal resources.

LegalZoom’s library includes business-related legal topics such as:

  • forming a corporation, incorporation, or limited liability company (LLC);
  • hiring employees;
  • selling goods and business services online;
  • family issues including divorce, child custody, and adoption;
  • home-buying resources;
  • naming a baby;
  • protecting your assets with a prenuptial agreement or will;
  • making a living will for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia;
  • personal injury topics such as slip and fall accidents, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, or premises liability.

LegalZoom’s site also has a section of US law and statutes, a dictionary of legal terms; an article on various legal subjects; and links to other resources. LegalZoom’s “Law Encylopedia” section contains articles written by their lawyers about the legal system and individual topics.

LegalZoom has a small claims court-type area for those seeking to draft or review their own operating agreement, which you can use for free.

Recommended Step Before Using LegalZoom to Form an LLC

  1. Before using LegalZoom to form an LLC, you should learn what your state’s requirements are to form an LLC. You can find out by either surfing the web to find “LLC formation services” in the name of your state or by contacting the Secretary of State’s office.
  2. If you found out that your state’s requirements are more complicated for forming an LLC, then it is advisable to have a lawyer form your LLC, or you can use LegalZoom. However, if you found out through research that your state’s requirements are very basic, then you can probably form your own LLC without legal assistance. It is advised to have a lawyer look over the documents if you are uncomfortable drafting them yourself.
  3. Remember that a lawyer can only give advice on the legality of your document and cannot guarantee it will pass legal muster. LegalZoom does not guarantee that you will pass legal muster when forming your LLC, but they will help you get all the information necessary to create a proper LLC.
  4. You should also know that most states do not charge fees for forming an LLC or at least are very affordable. If you have any legal questions, you can contact the office of the Secretary of State to be sure.
  5. Don’t forget that forming an LLC is a major decision and should require serious thought. LegalZoom just gives you the information, but you should still take it all seriously before creating your LLC services. You should also consult with your state’s government in case there are any additional requirements or state filing fees that apply to you.


  • LegalZoom is a great place to begin your legal process.
  • LegalZoom offers services and advice for a wide variety of small business issues.
  • LegalZoom saves you money by comparing the price quoting from different lawyers.


  • The legal knowledge of LegalZoom’s team is limited and suffers from a lack of experience in certain areas. Whether that be home buying, dog bites, or small claims court, their policies do not always apply to every client’s situation.
  • LegalZoom will not stay with you throughout the entire process.
  • The advice given by their customer service team is often questionable and does not address your questions thoroughly.

Bottom Line

LegalZoom can be a helpful resource but should not be your only source of information. Always take the advice of your local lawyer over LegalZoom’s service any day of the week.

  1. LegalZoom does not offer legal advice directly to its clients but rather gives you reference materials on their site from which you can find an attorney and speak with them. LegalZoom also runs ads for other companies that are not in the same realm as their company and has a referral program with over 600 other businesses in many different industries.
  2. The rating of has been criticized since its inception in 2003. In April 2004, the Chicago Tribune wrote an article regarding Legalzoom and its affiliate services.
  3. The New York Times wrote an article in January 2007 about the website and legal controversy employees faced concerning over 130 million personal records stolen from them.
  4. In August 2007, the Reuters News Service wrote of LegalZoom using automated software to rate customer reviews and provide positive feedback to customers who had used their service.
  5. In April 2008, the New York Times wrote that the site had received a letter from Attorney General Eliot Spitzer alleging it was misleading customers to believe they were using attorney services.
  6. The BBC News Service wrote in April 2008 that LegalZoom performed some research on their own but with no distinction between an attorney and an unqualified partner.
  7. In November 2008, Reuters News Service wrote of the company’s new referral program; wherein many customers paid LegalZoom $3.95 for every referral they made.

LegalZoom services

LegalZoom offers online legal business documents:

  1. Equine Legal Documents

LegalZoom offers online legal documents for the general equine industry. The site features articles and information about equine topics, including the role of horse trainers in the event of an accident or attack. Information regarding animal rights is also available. The site states that “if you are looking to protect your horse from someone who might harm it, we can help you.

2. Veterinary Legal Documents

LegalZoom offers online legal documents for the veterinary industry. The site features articles and information regarding animal-rights issues in veterinary medicine, as well as information regarding potential problems that can arise in the field of veterinary medicine. The site also provides customer support to those who have been a victim of animal rights violations.

3. Insurance Documents

LegalZoom offers online insurance purchase documents, including commercial auto policy forms and personal liability umbrella policies.

The site gives the option to use either paper or web-based purchase forms, suggesting that they will be happy to help you with any concerns that you have regarding legal documents. The site states that “we also provide free assistance if you have questions or concerns about the content of your coverage.”

4. Child Support Documents

LegalZoom offers online child support documents. The site provides information about these documents and notes that they are available for anyone in the country who has a child support order from their state’s court system.

The site states that they can help you with child support, including calculating the amount of money you owe each month. The site also provides articles and information regarding issues related to child support payments, such as getting payments sent directly to a third party.

LegalZoom serves customers in all forty-eight United States, excluding Puerto Rico and Guam.

LegalZoom lawyers

LegalZoom employs approximately 450 lawyers. LegalZoom has been criticized for employing only licensed paralegals and attorneys without licenses.

The most famous LegalZoom lawyers are:

  • Kevin Timothy is the LegalZoom attorney who wrote and filed over 35,000 legal documents for customers in the last year. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland Law School.
  • Michael Braunstein is an insurance attorney with 29 years of experience who writes and files approximately 1,500 legal documents each month. He is a graduate of Northwestern University Law School.
  • James Orenstein writes and files over 1,000 legal documents each month for LegalZoom’s customers. He is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School.
  • Amy Appleton writes and files approximately 1,000 legal documents each month for LegalZoom’s customers. She is a graduate of Pace University School of Law.
  • Ronald Snibbe is LegalZoom’s Family Law attorney who prepares legal documents for divorces, child custody, and prenuptial agreements.

LegalZoom price

The LegalZoom price varies depending on the type of document you are purchasing and the service level you are using as a customer. The most basic legal documents are $9.95, and the most complex legal documents, such as Title Insurance or Fiduciary Agreements, will cost over $199.99.

LegalZoom also offers the option to purchase legal documents in packages of 10 or 20 or purchasing a one-year membership for the same price as a single legal document. LegalZoom also offers a “Family Plan,” which allows the members of your household to receive legal documents for free.

The cost of this business advisory plan is $58/year and is only available to the member that purchases it. After purchasing your LegalZoom plan, you will be able to purchase individual legal documents at $9.95 apiece.

LegalZoom LLC Packages:

Economy ($79 + State Fees)

This package gives you a mass of legal documents for a low, one-time cost. It includes the following:

  • Nolo’s Simple Notary Service ($19.95)
  • LegalZoom LLC Packages Economy ($79 + State Fees)
  • Legalzoom LLC Packages Business ($199 + State Fees)

Standard ($329 + State Fees)

This package is the most common LegalZoom package. It gives you a mass of legal documents for a low, one-time cost. It includes the following:

  • Nolo’s Simple Notary Service ($29.95)
  • LegalZoom LLC Packages Economy ($79 + State Fees)
  • Legalzoom LLC Packages Business ($199 + State Fees)

Express Gold ($349 + State Fees)

This package is the most common LegalZoom package. It gives you a mass of legal documents for a low, one-time cost. It includes the following:

  • Nolo’s Simple Notary Service ($29.95)
  • LegalZoom LLC Packages Economy ($79 + State Fees)
  • Legalzoom LLC Packages Business ($199 + State Fees)
  • LegalZoom LLC Packages Family Plan ($99.95/year + State Fees)

LegalZoom Reviews

LegalZoom has a variety of ways for users to review their services. They offer a way for their customers to submit complaints, both positive and negative, about the service they received when purchasing legal documents.

LegalZoom also offers support via live chat, which customers can access from the bottom of the LegalZoom website’s pages. Additionally, LegalZoom offers an “A+” rating in the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

  • LegalZoom has a rating of 3 stars (out of a possible five stars) as reviewed on
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a rating of B- as LegalZoom has responded to all 5 of the BBB complaints filed against them.
  • As of September 2014, there were 67 complaints against LegalZoom on Rip-off, and they had an F rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). [ARTICLE END]

What feedback do people leave?

  • The company works hard to resolve issues with clients.
  • It is a great place for first-time entrepreneurs to start.
  • The company needs improvement in many areas, including LegalZoom customer service.
  • The company has excellent software for those interested in legal services.
  • The services offered are not as great as they claim to be.
  • The customer service team is helpful and knowledgeable.
  • The company is deceitful in how it sells its products.
  • The customer service team does not always respond to questions or concerns in a timely manner.

Legal Zoom reviews are very high quality and easy to read.

How do I know I can trust these reviews about

The reviews and ratings for are generated by real people, just like you.

LegalZoom company has been analyzed for many years already, and it is on the list of the most trustworthy companies.

The owners of the company are also verified.

Jim Parrish, CEO of LegalZoom, Inc., was awarded an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2005 California Award in the Technology category, and he also serves on the board of directors for the American Bar Association and is a member of its Emerging Companies Committee.

Some facts about Jim Parrish:

  1. He has worked on drafting legislation that protects entrepreneurs from frivolous patent infringement lawsuits and has been a vocal proponent of net neutrality. He also writes about entrepreneurship for Forbes online publications including “Entrepreneur” magazine.

2. Jim Parrish is an attorney and co-founder of LegalZoom, Inc. He received his law degree from St. John’s University School of Law and his MBA in finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

3. He has served as a board member on numerous organizations, including the American Bar Association, Board on Judicial Affairs for the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the American Intellectual Property Law Association.

4. He also is the recipient of several awards, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2005 California Award in the Technology category and also serves on the board of directors for the American Bar Association, and is a member of its Emerging Companies Committee.

5. He has worked to draft legislation that protects entrepreneurs from frivolous patent infringement lawsuits and has been a vocal proponent of net neutrality.

Do I need to pay to post a review about Legalzoom?

No, it’s free! Anyone can post a review about, without even registration. To comment on one of a review, you need to register. To post a question or concern about, you need to write a review first.

No complaints can be posted without first writing a review.

Is LegalZoom legit?

Yes, LegalZoom is a legit company. There is no doubt that this company is legit.

There are no scam reports about the company. Why? The answer is quite simple: they have been in business for over a decade and have been sued countless times without any problems whatsoever.

They have a great reputation and are listed with BBB as well as other similar sites. Businesses will not put themselves at risk for lawsuits by using fake profiles or testimonials; therefore, it can be assumed that what is written about the company is true and valid.

The main question when buying online is: how can I trust the service? If there are complaints about a company, they should be taken into consideration. It’s not fair to ignore them.

And there are always 2 sides to the story.

  1. Since LegalZoom has been in business for over a decade and has an A+ rating with BBB, it’s safe to assume that their complaints are not fake and they are worth paying attention to.

In addition, one of the most important criteria to look at when choosing a business is how it responds to complaints.

2. LegalZoom has a very easy and straightforward complaint process which is detailed on their website.

This proves that they take these complaints seriously and want to fix the situation in order to keep a satisfied customer base.

Does LegalZoom have a refund policy?

Yes, LegalZoom offers refunds for any reason.

For a full refund (all fees included), you need to file a claim within 60 days of your order.

  • A 50% refund is available if the cancellation is requested between 61 – 90 days after your order.
  • LegalZoom will not process requests for a refund more than 90 days after the original purchase date.
  • The company cannot accept returns on any product that has been personalized or customized by the client.
  • If an error is made by LegalZoom and the product is not as you expected, you can contact customer service and provide them with proof that an error in printing has occurred. They will send you instructions on how to return the product to them so that they can replace it with a new one.

How quickly does LegalZoom process LLC formations?

On average, LegalZoom will process your LLC business formation within 2 business days of submitting your order. If you choose to add additional information (such as a registered agent), you may experience a delay in processing.

LegalZoom charges $149 for the formation of your new LLC service (for up to 3 members) and $99 if you want them to act as your registered agent. Registered agent service is only required if you want to add an additional member to the LLC.

Is LegalZoom a good service for small businesses?

Yes, LegalZoom is a good service for small businesses.

Small business owners find the legal documents offered by LegalZoom extremely useful. The lawyer-client relationship is of utmost importance in any country, so, therefore, it is important to have the best representation available to you for legal requirements.

Do LegalZoom documents hold up in court?

Yes, the documents provided by LegalZoom will hold up in court.

Most laws are written to protect legal processes, and there are many that explicitly state that the courts can take judicial notice of a particular document.


LegalZoom is a company, the main purpose of which is to provide legal services for people.

LegalZoom has many different packages, and each one of them is designed for a particular purpose. For example, a paperless package will be very useful for people that are always on the go.

A paperless package simplifies the process of getting married and allows you to get all the documents you need in one place. An LLC package will be useful for small business owners that want to start their own business and protect their assets from creditors.

All of the products offered by LegalZoom are very useful and popular among many customers. They have never been involved in a lawsuit, and there are no complaints about their company. Even though LegalZoom has been online for over 20 years, it still continues to grow and thrive.

LegalZoom has a customer service representative that is available 24/7, so if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact them via phone, email, or live chat.

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