Registered Agent Virginia: Why You Should Look Into It

You need a registered agent in Virginia to accept official documents on your company’s behalf for an annual fee of $50. Virginia business owners can register agents online at the Virginia Department of State website or use one of our experts to help you find a professional registered agent that meets your business needs.

To help you find out more about registered agents in Virginia, here are answers to some of the most common questions about the topic.

What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent, also known as a resident agent, is an individual or organization that has been appointed by a business with a legal presence in another state to receive official documents on its behalf. These documents might include tax forms, lawsuits, and notices from the state government.

This process allows businesses to maintain their legal standing even when they are not physically located within Virginia borders.

As long as your registered agent accepts the documents on your company’s behalf and forwards them to you, you will avoid incurring fines for missing these deadlines for responding to these public announcements.

Can Anyone Be A Registered Agent?

No. Your business must appoint an individual, partnership, or corporation that is at least 18 years of age to serve as its registered agent.

Businesses are not allowed to appoint other businesses to serve as their registered agents.

What Are the Requirements for Virginia registered agent?

A Virginia registered agent must have a physical presence in the state. Your business cannot appoint a registered agent service in Virginia, such as UPS Store or Mailboxes Etc., to serve as its agent.

In addition, your resident agent cannot be an individual who resides with you, any of your employees, or anyone that is under your control.

What is the Difference Between a Resident Agent and a Commercial Registered Agent?

  1. A commercial registered agent serves many clients from multiple different states.
  2. Virginia only allows businesses with legal standing within the state to opt for this type of professional registered agent. Because they manage dozens of clients in different locations, these agents usually charge higher fees than residential agents do.
  3. On the other hand, a residential registered agent provides services exclusively to one client company based in Virginia. This allows the registered agent to provide more personalized service for a lower fee.

How Do I Find a Registered Agent?

The Virginia Department of State website provides a list of the frequently used professional registered agents on its website. You can also use our directory of experienced professionals who offer registered agent services for a fee. This site allows you to search for a registered agent by city, zip code, or business category, making it easier for you to select the most convenient option available in your area.

After you have chosen a particular service, simply fill out an online form with the details about your company and submit it for free quotes from several different providers within24 hours.

What Are the Duties of Virginia Agents?

A registered agent in Virginia is required to maintain a business office within the state and must not share an address with the entities they represent.

Their duties are the following:

  • Accept official documents on behalf of your organization
  • Ensure that all legal papers are forwarded to the proper parties
  • Pass along relevant information about these public announcements to the appropriate staff members
  • Notify you if they receive notices from any government agencies or lawsuits involving your business during normal business hours

If a registered agent fails to perform their duties, it can result in fines and penalties for your company. To avoid any disruptions in this service, make sure to look for an experienced professional who is willing to take on this responsibility.

You should also check with them before you hire another service as your registered agent so you don’t lose the warranty over your previous appointment. This will help make sure there is no confusion between companies regarding which one is authorized to act on your company’s behalf.

What Are the Different Types?

There are several different types of registered agents, depending on the size and location of your business. Your business can appoint a full-time domestic agent or a part-time agent that might live outside Virginia. To save yourself some money, you might also choose to appoint an individual who lives in a nearby state as your agent instead.

This way, they will only need to drive over to your company’s offices on certain days of the week to accept official documents instead of traveling long distances each time one arrives. In addition to these options, you can also hire a professional registered agent from our site for as little as $50 per year to perform this duty for your business.

What Is A Registered Agent For Service Of Process?

A “Registered Agent” for service of process is a person or a company that agrees to accept documents on your behalf. If a person or an organization files a lawsuit against you, they are required under law to first attempt to deliver those papers by hand and have someone sign for them as proof of delivery.

Once the papers have been delivered successfully, then they can mail copies of those same papers directly to your registered agent on file with the Virginia State Corporation Commission as an additional form of notification just in case nobody is present at your business address when their process server comes looking for you.

It is highly recommended that every business have a resident agent so all official state notifications can be accepted by us and mailed to your home or office on your behalf without disrupting the normal course of business.

How much do Agents Charge?

As with other services, you will find significant differences in the prices providers charge for this service. To make sure your company doesn’t choose an expensive option, request free quotes from several companies before committing to a single provider.

This way, you can always compare offers and get the best available price. If money is tight, consider hiring an individual who lives locally instead of appointing a full-time agent that might establish their office on your company’s property and require higher fees than someone living further away.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Although not required for companies with less than $125,000 in revenue or fewer than 50 employees, a registered agent is highly recommended to avoid any disruptions with this service.


  • This service is required for companies with more than one shareholder.
  • It can help avoid any trouble or disruptions in service.
  • Your registered agent will ensure that all documents are accepted on your behalf.
  • This service can help save you time and money, especially if you choose to appoint an individual living close by instead of hiring a full-time professional.


  • Your entity needs to make sure they renew their contract with their registered agent each year
  • There might be additional fees associated with this service depending on the size of your business or where you reside within Virginia.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, one of the many things you need to think about for your business is finding a reputable registered agent in Virginia.

Why Do I Need A Virginia Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent in Virginia is required for any business that is registered with the State Corporation Commission. A Registered Office address in Virginia is where official state notifications are sent whenever there are legal documents that need to be served, lawsuits filed, or judgments made against your business entity.

These can include things like bankruptcy (Chapter 7 (Liquidation), Chapter 11 (Reorganization), Chapter 12 (Family Farmer), and Chapter 13 (Individuals), foreclosures, tax liens, or summonses. At these times you will receive official notification letters at the address of record for your organization on file with the State Corporation Commission.

What if you do not live in Virginia?

When it comes to selecting a registered agent location, companies usually choose an individual who lives in Virginia. However, if that is not possible then someone who lives in a nearby state will work fine too.

The agent can come to your business’ offices once per week (or whatever day you specify) and accept all document deliveries on behalf of your company. That way, all legal activities are done without disrupting the normal course of doing business for your entity.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent In Virginia?

A person may act as his or her own registered agent in Virginia provided the following requirements are met:

  • the owner must be at least 18 years of age
  • residency in Virginia is not required to be a registered agent. A person can still serve as his/her own registered agent even if he/she does not live in the state of Virginia, but it must be noted on their application that they are NOT a resident of VA.
  • Proof of Agency Power (generally the same power of attorney form for each individual filing their own private paperwork) along with a copy of your driver’s license or some other legal form of ID if different from your driver’s license. You need to show proof you have this authority to be able to legally accept the legal documents
  • A business that is not a corporation or LLC will need to file a “Fictitious Business Name” with the State of Virginia even if they are acting as their own registered agent. This form can be found on our fees and forms page under the heading “Registered Agent”. This needs to be filed before you sign up as your own registered agent with the state of Virginia.

Where Is Northwest’s Registered Office In Virginia?

Northwest Registered Agent Inc is located in Belleville, Illinois. We are able to mail all official state notifications for your business to the address listed on file with the State Corporation Commission at no additional charge once you have signed up as our client. This includes receiving case numbers and summons letters.

Can I Use Your Virginia Registered Office Address For Everything On My Business Filing?

No. If your business entity is not a corporation or LLC and you choose to file as a Fictitious Business Name with the State of Virginia, then we will need to mail all official state notifications (such as summons letters and legal documents) directly to your home or business instead of our address on file with the State of Virginia.

Otherwise, we will be unable to accept service of process for those who are trying to sue you if their papers were delivered by hand because they could not find your business.

Do I Hire A Registered Agent Before Or After I Start My Business In Virginia?

If you are incorporated, then the Articles of Incorporation must be filed with the State Corporation Commission before you can apply to hire a registered agent. This is where your business’ name will appear on the state’s businesses registry.

If you are filing anything else (such as LLC Articles of Organization) or if you file under an assumed business name (Fictitious Business Name).

Then it is advisable to hire a registered agent after creating your organization in Virginia even though there is no legal requirement for us to act as your registered agent until you actually start receiving official documents at our address of record on file with the State Corporation Commission.

How Does Virginia Registered Agent Get Serve?

All state legal documents are served by certified mail or by hand. We recommend having an address on file that is not a P.O box since many people refuse to accept packages sent that way if they have to sign for them.

This will save you money in the long run because you won’t have to pay for certified mail every time someone tries to serve you with case papers since they won’t be able to prove it was actually delivered, but at least there’s always the option of using certified mail if necessary.


Q. Can I still file my business documents myself if I don’t live in Virginia?

A. Yes! As long as your representative lives in the same state where your business is organized (even if that means that they do not live anywhere near where your corporation has been organized), then you can hire them to manage all of your filings on their own. Northwest Registered Agent Inc can file all of your documents for you from our state of the art filing center in Belleville, Illinois

Q. How do I know if my business needs a Fictitious Business Name to be filed?

A. If a company name is not available after a search of the public records at the State Corporation Commission’s website, then it is considered “fictitious” and a fictitious name statement must be filed with the State Corporation Commission before doing anything else as far as incorporating or forming an LLC goes for that specific business name

Q. What does it mean to have a registered agent vs hiring someone who is already incorporated?

A. A registered agent will receive state notifications on behalf of their client or customer. This is usually the person who created the company, to begin with, or one of their officers, but it can be anyone else if they are listed as an agent on the Articles of Organization.

Q. We’ve already filed everything that needs to be done – now what?

A. Some states only require a registered agent to be on file if you are going to do business in that state. If this is not one of those states then we will just mail all official state notifications directly to your home or business instead of our address on file with the State Corporation Commission

Q. What is a “Registered Agent” and what is an “Agent?”

A. A Registered Agent for Service of Process is someone who agrees to accept legal documents from your customers, clients, vendors, etc.. on behalf of your company when they cannot find you using any other means such as through a website form or a telephone number.

An Agent can be anyone who is at least 18 years old and has not been disbarred, disqualified or suspended from acting as a registered agent anywhere else in the United States (excluding their own company)

Q. What is Incorporation by Mail?

A. A lot of states allow business owners to file articles of organization online with the Secretary of State, but this leaves you without any recourse if something goes wrong or if there are problems with your registration. Hiring an incorporator who can assist you is not required by law, but many entrepreneurs feel more secure knowing they have someone on their side to turn to for help when things inevitably go wrong


A registered agent is a person or business entity that agrees to accept legal documents on behalf of your company.

As stated earlier, there are always exceptions to every rule but this guide should give you some insight into how it works when it comes to choosing a Virginia registered agent service.

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