Wyoming LLC Registered Agent: Protecting Wyoming Businesses

A registered agent is someone who agrees to accept important legal and tax documents on behalf of an LLC. This person acts as the point of contact between the LLC and the state where it was formed.

The primary responsibility of a registered agent is to accept and forward official mail from third parties during for business for their clients – which includes providing proof that they completed this task upon request, such as by faxing or providing scanned copies – as well as filing other essential company forms like annual reports (in some states).

The 5 Best Registered Agents in Wyoming – Reviewed and Ranked


ZenBusiness is a brand new, veteran-owned business that offers the same service as all other options on this list. What separates ZenBusiness from the rest? The answer to that question is two-fold.

  1. First, they are incredibly fast when it comes to getting back to you – usually within 15 minutes (even at 9:00 pm).
  2. Second, and more importantly, they offer an incredible value for Wyoming LLC registered agents. They do not lock you into a contract like other companies do (they used to) and even include free registered agent services for your first year!

ZenBusiness customer service reps not only know what they’re talking about but care about your situation and make sure everything gets handled right.


  • Personal – $15/yr
  • Corporate – $25/yr (2% savings)
  • Business – $50/yr (10% savings)
  • Enterprise – Call for Pricing (they save the best deals for big businesses and law firms)
  • Express Registered Agent: Starts at $70/year. This package includes all of the features in the other packages as well as one certified letter, first-class U.S. postage, incoming faxes, legal invoices, and certified mail return receipt.

2. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is the only Wyoming company on this list to offer same-day service for business filing. They’re also speedy when it comes to getting back to you. Like all of the other companies on this list, keep in mind that they will not help with your LLC formation.


  • Standard $20/year ($30/2 years)
  • Premium $50/year ($100/3 years)
  • Ultimate $100/year ($150/2 years)

Features: Ability to pay with credit cards; 24-hour service; Tax ID number; Notary services; Postage Stamps; Faxing; Copies; Unlimited LLCs under management

3. Harbor Compliance:

Harbor Compliance is a worldwide company that was founded in 2010. They offer all of the features expected from a good Wyoming registered agent while also providing an incredible value for business owners.

Harbor Compliance is known for being patient and taking their time with each client, understanding that every business has unique needs, making them one of the most popular companies on this list.

This brand offers very competitive pricing but does not include free legal invoices or certified mail return receipts – it is also worth noting that they have two different packages, so be sure to read through everything before signing up.


  • Gold $20/year ($25/2 years)
  • Platinum $40/year ($80/2 years)

Features: 24-hour service; Notary services; Unlimited LLCs under management; Copies; Document storage; Faxing; Postage Stamps

4. Legal Zoom Wyoming Registered Agent

Legal Zoom is an online legal service that does not offer any additional registered agent features – they also do not include support for company formation. They will provide you a certificate of good standing once per year with your annual report, as well as acting as the registered agent for $39/year (or $49/year if you want to upgrade to their “Pro” package).

They’re very fast about getting back to business owners and are known for providing excellent customer service – but please note that all communication within the application has to be done via the website, and they do not offer registered agent services.


  • Standard $39/year ($49/2 years)
  • Pro $79/year ($149/3 years)

5. IncFile

IncFile is very similar to Legal Zoom in that they provide low-cost registered agent services but without any additional features. For $20/year (or $30 for the “Gold” package), they’ll act as your registered agent and also provide you with a certificate of good standing.

The main difference between IncFile and other companies on this list is that they do not offer phone support – everything has to be done through email.


  • Standard $20/year ($30/2 years)
  • Gold $40/year ($80/2 years)

Features: Annual compliance; Certificate of Good Standing; Unlimited registered agents under management; Email Support; Notary service; Copies; Faxing; PostageStamps; Unlimited LLCs under management.

Pros and cons of a Wyoming registered agent


  • Annual compliance makes it easy to stay in compliance.
  • Unlimited registered agents mean that you’re free to add as many LLCs under the same parent company – that’s a lot of freedom.
  • There are so many companies to choose from, some of which have more services than others.
  • Wyoming is a very well-respected state when it comes to registered agent laws – this means that you’re in good hands.


  • Nearly all of the companies on this list require annual payment, which can be expensive for business owners who want instant access to their registered agent service.
  • If you need incorporation or formation done at the same time as registering your LLC with a Wyoming Registered Agent, most companies will not be able to help you.
  • Some companies make it easy to pay by credit card but charge an additional fee if you want to use PayPal or another online payment provider – keep this in mind before signing up!


There are three distinct types of registered agents: (1) commercial registered agents, (2) statutory registered agents, and (3) fiduciaries.

  1. Commercial agents focus primarily on compliance issues and tend to be more expensive. I can think of no real reason why a company would want to use a registered commercial agent.
  2. Statutory agents are usually lawyers, accountants, or other professionals who the state government has authorized to register corporations and limited liability companies. These agents will provide mail forwarding services but may not be as diligent on compliance issues as a commercial registered agent – their prices will generally be lower than those of a commercial registrar agent though..
  3. Fiduciaries are people that act as officers for another person or entity such as a Wyoming LLC or corporation that has not yet been formed. Trustees, agents under a power of attorney, and executors of estates fall into this category. Fiduciaries charge fees for their services; however, since they are not registered agents per se (though some may be), these fees will not include mail forwarding services.

What are the responsibilities of a Registered Agent?

  1. Registered agents are the individuals or companies that are designated by a business entity to receive service of process when service is attempted upon that business entity.
  2. They also forward important tax and other documents, such as annual reports and notices of lawsuits, back to the principal place of business, shareholders or members of an LLC, officers, and directors of corporations.
  3. Annual reports usually contain financial statements for the previous year warning shareholders/members of upcoming shareholder/member meetings where decisions can be made about company affairs.

What do you get with Wyoming Registered Agent Services?

A Wyoming registered agent receives legal documents on behalf of their client who lives in another state (or country). These documents include items like annual reports, summonses, subpoenas, and court orders. With a Wyoming registered agent, a business owner doesn’t have to drive hours to a county courthouse and can avoid long lines.

The Wyoming registered agent quickly receives the documents and mails them back to their client in another state (or country). A Wyoming registered agent also offers services like forwarding of certified mail, notary public certification services as well as faxing, photocopying, and some offer e-filing for annual reports.

Who Can an LLC Appoint as a Registered Agent?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a business entity that combines elements of partnerships and corporations into one legal structure. The owner or owners, known as members, obtain the liability protection of a corporation but enjoy the tax flexibility of a partnership. An LLC can appoint any Wyoming resident to be its registered agent (the required filing fee may vary).

Many people opt to have an individual such as their business attorney or accountant serve as the registered agent for their LLC. Others prefer to work with professionals who specialize in being Wyoming’s registered agents so they don’t have to worry about an important document getting lost in the shuffle during the transition from one location to another.

How to Find and Select a Registered Agent in the State of Wyoming

The Wyoming Secretary of State website offers a free online search for registered agents. It’s important to thoroughly read the information for each agent before selecting one because some only offer mail forwarding services and others will provide many additional administrative services at additional fees.

People who don’t have time to do their own research can simply use an online service that easily compares different registered agents in just seconds.

Tips on choosing the best registered agent for your needs:

  • Determine which services you need. Before working with a Wyoming registered agent, determine what documents you will want to receive and how much administrative help you will require. Some agents offer faxing, notary public, photocopying, and scanning services while others also provide unclaimed property searches. Make sure the company offers the types of services you need before selecting them as your registered agent because many do not offer all of these support options.
  • Confirm the fee schedule. Registered agent service website allows users to quickly see how different companies stack upon factors such as cost and supplemental services so pick a couple of companies that look appealing and compare their fees online at no charge before making a decision on who to hire.
  • Consider your company’s location. Where will your LLC be located? Your registered agent needs to have a registered office in Wyoming in order to receive legal documents on your behalf.
  • Verify all information online. Make sure that you fully review the details for each registered agent before making a final decision regarding which one to hire. The Secretary of State website allows you complete access to everything you need so it is important to double-check their accuracy before deciding who to use as a registered agent for your Wyoming business. Read what others are saying about companies so you can get an idea of how well they serve their customers and any potential drawbacks they may have from past clients.
  • Choosing a paid service ensures reliability. Anyone can put up a website claiming they are a registered agent but it takes an experienced business to properly handle the documents that are delivered on behalf of an LLC.
  • Ask for references. No matter what type of service you need, always ask for references and follow up with past clients to get their feedback about the company they hired to serve as their registered agent in Wyoming.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent In Wyoming?

Yes, you can be your own Wyoming registered agent. If you are looking to save some money on your Wyoming LLC, this may be an option for you.

The process is simple and the responsibilities are very limited. You will need a physical address in Wyoming – P.O. boxes do not qualify as residential addresses, so keep that in mind when selecting a location to operate from.

Some people choose to use their home address while others get a small office at their local mall or somewhere else easy accessibly where they receive mail and can quickly scan through it and throw away anything they don’t want to deal with immediately instead of having piles of paper sitting around waiting for someone else to log in to their online account and go through ten pages of junk mail.

Why Businesses Use a Wyoming Registered Agent Service?

Wyoming registered agents provide businesses with essential documents on behalf of their clients who live in other states or countries.

These individuals and corporations may not be able to respond to the documents as quickly as Wyoming LLCs would like, so they utilize a free Wyoming registered agent service to handle this for them.

Why Individuals Use a Wyoming Registered Agent Service?

Individuals and families can easily use a Wyoming registered agent service for document filing and retrieval on their behalves as well as assistance with paying taxes on time.

A business attorney usually recommends using one of these services because it makes the process more efficient, saving his or her client money and time. Other reasons include:

  1. Free legal advice from lawyers via phone calls, email, and fax
  2. State income tax filing assistance
  3. Income tax preparation by a CPA firm

How Do I Change My Registered Agent In Wyoming?

To change or remove a registered agent, an LLC must file a document with the Secretary of State’s office.

The form is included with the Wyoming LLC kit under “Registered Agent/Office Change.”

What does “service of process” mean?

When a lawsuit, summons, or other legal document needs to be served on an LLC, process servers employed by the court will typically try to serve it at the registered agent’s address. If someone is available at that location, he or she can sign for it.

If no one is around, the documents are usually left with a receptionist who takes down pertinent information about when they were received and what date they need to be sent out. Then, ideally within five days’ time of receiving the papers, the individual at the office will note whether anyone was there to sign for them and send them directly to whoever needs them.

The law requires registered agents in Wyoming to maintain records of these services – although not all states do – so it’s important to find out how your agent keeps track of the service of process.

Does registered agent mean owner?

A registered agent is to a Wyoming LLC what a resident agent is to a business in other states. The major difference between the two, however, is that all members of an LLC serve as agents themselves and have the same authority to establish one business address for legal purposes that can be used by any or all of them.

In this way, it’s more like a designated member/manager than just an office manager even though he or she may do some of those things, too – depending on the needs of your company and how you’ve structured it legally.

How to Become a Registered Agent in Wyoming?

The Secretary of State in Wyoming charges $50 and requires that the registered agent be a resident of the state or have an office with a physical address.

It’s important to note that the term “resident” for this purpose does not mean having an SSN or any other proof of U.S. citizenship; it simply means that the agent either lives in Wyoming or has a physical office there with operators on duty during normal business hours who can receive documents, scan them and forward them by email, fax, UPS or Federal Express if necessary.

Are there risks if you, a friend, or family are the Registered Agent in Wyoming?

A registered agent who doesn’t follow the law and provides the appropriate services to LLCs he or she serves can be fined $250 – $1,000.

An owner can also be fined that amount under certain circumstances if he or she does not prove that the services were provided as required by state law.

What happens if I don’t have a Wyoming Registered Agent?

If your company is served with any documents and you’re unable to communicate with whomever at your office received them for whatever reason (e.g., he or she never got back to you), there’s always risk involved in terms of what could happen next:

If you cannot respond to them by an established deadline, your LLC may possibly lose a lawsuit and you, as the owner, could be found in default.


The registered agent in Wyoming is important because it means that your company will have one single address to receive all legal documents.

Don’t risk being charged or even losing a case by the court if you are ever served with any papers just because your registered agent can’t get back to you.

Look for someone who knows what they are doing and has office hours where people can physically go there if need be. You don’t want to take risks when it comes to companies, so make sure you research things before hiring anyone.

Avoid getting taken advantage of by lawyers trying to get money from you, call around for rates.

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